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:AT: Malon
Art trade with Babywarrior5 of her lombax character, Malon! He's a botanist, so I put some plants in the background. I looked up plant meanings and came up with pansies, which are supposed to mean 'thoughts', begonia, which means 'deep thoughts', and sage, 'wisdom'. They seemed to fit Malon's academic background, and they also matched the color scheme, lmao! The plant images were sourced from wikimedia commons and flickr creative commons, then I ran them through illustrator's image trace to simplify them a bit.

Thanks for the trade, and let me know if anything needs changing!!
Admit It
Little known Jay fact: I frickin love Futurama. It's one of my biggest sources of inspiration for Superlunary. This scene is from Season 1 Episode 5: Fear of a Bot Planet. This is the original scene. I just redrew it with my characters, with a couple edits to the text to make it fit better.
Apsis is an android. Zenitha is a biological who doesn't quite get the point.
8 Facts About Sidra
Tagged by Babywarrior5!

1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters.
4. Post their names along with their creators' avatars.

8 Facts about Sidra

1. Sidra started out life as a starship AI. After an accident in space, she was destroyed, and remade as a Space Guardian. She's the first ever AI to ascend to their ranks.

2. Every Guardian has a power. Sidra has low-level ferrokinesis (just enough to move around small metal objects) and powerful electricity manipulation.

3. The necklace she wears was a present from her girlfriend, Elara. It's her most treasured possession.

4. While she does protect space, like Guardians are meant to, Sidra prefers mentoring younger Guardians. Lately, she's been working with Zenitha, a Guardian who's having a hard time unlocking her potential. When she doesn't have anyone to mentor, Sidra is usually exploring the universe with Elara, looking for mistreated or runaway AIs to guide to safety.

5. Even when she's not in space, her hair ignores gravity. It always floats, or swirls, or does something else that defies the laws of physics. It's likely caused by static electricity that collects in her body every time she uses her powers. The only time it settles is when Elara braids it for her.

6. The stars that cover her body shift and change every now and again, but they always maintain the black and white color scheme, as they're influenced by the space where she became a Guardian.

7. The song I associate with her the most is probably Limitless by Adventure Club. My theme for her and Elara is Lifted Up by Passion Pit.

8. Sidra was originally a Ratchet and Clank fan character named Celeste. I had to change her name when I brought her to the Superlunary universe, because the 'gods' of the universe are called Celestials. 'Sidra' means 'of the stars'/'like a star', so at least it's pretty close in meaning!

I tag nobody because I don't have 8 people I talk to around here lmao, and I think everyone I do talk to has already been tagged
Class assignment to work with CC Sphere, CC Environment, and particle generators. All of which happened to be things I taught myself while working on Flight, so I just used the opportunity to mess around with a stupid spacescape lmao
So. 2016 Sure was a year. It happened. Lots of things happened. I kept working at the car dealership, kept going to Schoolcraft, kept drawing, writing, and taking photos. I also took my first solo vacation (Traverse City!), during which I attended my first ever pride parade (Up North Pride, SUPER FUN); I got a new car (Dodge Journey, aka The Mobile Nap Unit); and I submitted my first writing piece for publishing. Sometime in the next year, I'll have a short story included in Centum Press's 100 Voices Vol. 3. EXCITING TIMES!
How was everyone else's 2016?
  • Watching: Mythbusters
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Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Jay | 21 | they/them/their pronouns, please

I'm sure you're expecting something witty here, but, to be honest, I'm just not that funny. Nor am I interesting. Sorry. But, seeing as you're here and all, you might as well check out my gallery, don't you think?

In all seriousness, I am Jay, a twenty-one year old from Michigan, currently studying digital art and animation. I also work part-time at a Chrysler dealership. I write and draw and take photographs. Mostly the first two things.

You can now find my photography at :iconpsijay-photography:Psijay-Photography!


Queer and proud :pride:



Aywas: psijay (#49399) Jay Paule
Flickr: Jstar1223
FurAffinity: jstar1223
Neopets: blackkatuya
PSN ID: jstar_1223
Steam: Jstar1223
Tumblr: psijay
Xbox Live: psijay


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