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Silence by Psijay
I have become addicted to Illustrator. Vector programs are THE SHIT and I love them.

Here's my pair of mutant weirdos, Arun and Cahrsin, reading books because that's basically their favorite thing to do together.

This was half an excuse to draw fluff, and half a way to test my new laptop. There are so many goddamn layers in this but this laptop can handle it! My old one would've been lagging like crazy.

I had such a great time messing with Illustrator with this. At first, it wasn't supposed to be shaded at all, besides a bit of cell shading in a few places. Then I got wondering if I could make soft shading work, so I started playing with that, and ended up shading the whole thing. A bit of weirdness happened with the blending in some places, but overall I'm really pleased with it!
hopping on the bandwagon...

I can hardly believe I've been on dA for five years. It sure as hell doesn't feel like it's been five years. But then, when I look at how much my art has improved, I can kind of see how long it's been. I mean, I started here with photomanips. I didn't draw at all. Not even a little. I'd been doing photomanips for a few years at that point. It was pretty much the only artistic thing I did. here's the first one I posted here. I haven't done very many photomanips as of late-- the most recent one was this, a book cover for someone on a novelling site. I don't really see any improvement there.

I didn't actually start drawing until almost a year later. this is the oldest drawing I can find. It was my first ever attempt at digital art! I didn't have a tablet at the time, so I was drawing entirely with a mouse. I can no longer imagine having the patience to do anything like that. My tablet has spoiled me. That lombax there was my sona. She didn't last long. Probably because I still thought I was female at that point (even though I never actually related to my female sonas and they disapeared quickly. I really should've realized sooner that I was non-binary). For reference, here is my current sona: deersona! Androgynous and not a video game species. Much better. They've lasted over a year, which is a record for me.

I've been in the R&C fandom since I've been here, albeit, on and off. Of all the R&C characters I've had over the years, only one from my original set still exists! Apsis. He was one of the first starship R&C OCs (so far as I can tell). He was very different when he started out. I was thirteen and in the teenage angst stage when I made him, after all. His backstory was melodramatic and sad and annoying. I thought it was the BEST most COMPLEX thing EVER at the time, but I was an idiot, so screw that. Now he's a douchebag of an AI who just likes making trouble for everybody and tricking people into thinking he's a lombax with his buddies. Apastron, Elara, and Castor (the aforementioned buddies) are all close to him in character age, but Apsis is the oldest by a couple months. (FUN FACT: originally I created Apsis as a love interest for Aphelion. This is one of my most embarrassing secrets. Please do not laugh at me I WAS THIRTEEN AND DUMB.) I'm not as active in the R&C fandom anymore, due to my interests spreading and new projects taking over my brain, but I'm definitely still a part of it. here's my latest R&C piece, which, coincidentally, is my newest piece overall.

And now the big thing: writing. I started out in R&C fanfiction (R&C was really the catalyst for all of my art). I didn't finish any of the fanfics I started. I didn't get serious about writing until Aaron and Carson came along. Now, Aaron and Carson were actually supposed to be humanized!Apsis and Castor, existing only so I could practice drawing humans. They rebelled. Carson is the best example of this rebellion: he was supposed to be a super annoying straight guy, with an on and off girlfriend and a HUGE rivalry with Aaron. Now he's a super sweet, very anxious gay guy, who ends up falling in love with Aaron. Carson just took his character and rewrote it the way he was supposed to be. Writing him actually helped me realize that I was gay, too, so he's double special to me. Those two idiots have now been in my brain for three years. My NaNoWriMo project from 2012 (I'm Going Slightly Mad), Aaron's backstory, was the first story longer than 10k words that I ever finished. Reading it now makes me cringe, but w/e. It's still a milestone for me. I haven't been writing much lately, except for planning. Aaron and Carson eventually inspired they're post-apocalyptic counterparts, Arun and Cahrsin, whose stories I'm working to develop into comic format: Inheritants. Hopefully, I'll finish and publish it someday. Hopefully. I really hope so. I REALLY REALLY hope so.

Finally: my friends. When I joined here, my social anxiety kept me from talking to anyone. It was seriously that bad. I would nearly have panic attacks every time someone commented on my art. I did manage to warm up to a few people before I started therapy for the anxiety in 2012, and I still talk to all of them, and consider them to be some of my closest friends. To those people: thank you so much for sticking around. I know I was terrible back before all the therapy, and I know I still have a lot of trouble talking sometimes, but it really means a lot to me that you guys didn't give up on me when I could hardly talk to you. Babywarrior5, ITman496, and Kirmon64, among others: thank you c:.

This really got out of hand. So, anyway, that's my DeviantArt story. I've dredged up shit art, personal backstory, and gross emotions. Can I have my badge now?
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I'm sure you're expecting something witty here, but, to be honest, I'm just not that funny. Nor am I interesting. Sorry. But, seeing as you're here and all, you might as well check out my gallery, don't you think?

In all seriousness, I am Jay, a nineteen year old from Michigan, currently studying digital art and animation. I also work part-time at a Chrysler dealership. I write and draw and take photographs. Mostly the first two things.

You can now find my photography at :iconpsijay-photography:Psijay-Photography!


Queer and proud :pride:



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